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主日崇拜時間       Sunday Service Time

國語崇拜Mandarin Service:1:00pm
粵語崇拜Cantonese Service:2:15pm
Associate Vicar for the Chinese:
Revd. Paul Lau
(020 77661100)


The Revd Paul Lau

Recently I watched a film which was named “Hunger Games”. The story of this film is about a country where the prime minister and people living in the capital city wanted to find some adventure in their lives. Each year they selected a couple of youths from their 12 poor areas and trained them in self-defence putting them into a jungle telling them that only one would survive. A group of people in the game’s control room continuously changed the rules and interposed something they thought that would increase the adventure - land mines, fire, panthers etc while people in the city watched a big screen shouting at their top voices to the participants in the game to kill each other.
When I saw the youths, boys and girls, the fight for victory changed them and they became like beasts, not humans, and they killed each other in cold blood. Brothers and sisters, is this game similar to the world that we are living in? Politicians change policies and rules for their own advantage. Super markets change prices without concern for the poor. Traffic strikes without concern for the commuters. Public transportation increase prices without concern for people’s ability to pay.
God has created a righteous, peaceful, full of love world for us to live in but why has it become like this with some much cruelty, unfairness, lack of peace and love amongst the people of the world?
Dear brothers and sisters let us deeply contemplate, each for ourselves. Should we stray far off from our Father’s peaceful, righteous, full of love world or play the destructive games created by human hands?